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Building mentally resilient leaders, individuals and athletes

Elite support to unlock unimaginable potential within yourself, your team and your leaders

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Transformative, personal & professional development mentoring

For Individuals, businesses, schools and elite athletes

We are Sandra and Daniel, mental fitness coaches, mental health advocates, partners in life, in business and founders of The Elevated Living group of companies; a Perth-based specialty provider of global coaching and consulting services. 

We deliver transformative, personal and professional development mentoring to individuals, businesses, schools and developing athletes.


our impact

We're on a mission to make everyday "are you okay" day

Mental health in the workplace, home and in our communities is our biggest priority. 

Our passion fuels us to provide everyone we can with the tools, techniques and strategies that are easy to implement so that everyone can feel more resilient toward life.

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Our Signature Method allows us to unlock unprecedented change & growth from within

We have collaborated with diverse individuals from varied industries including corporate executives, speakers, wellness professionals, entrepreneurs, elite athletes and everyone in between.

Without straying from our distinct point of difference – to elevate the mindset by employing a holistic approach.

We have a wide range of mental fitness coaches to help you or your business elevate to new heights of leadership and performance.

Discover what we can do for you today.​

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Over 27+ years experience working with the highest achievers and leaders

We’ve created a bespoke training system that identifies and works to eliminate mental health hardships in the workplace, which enhances organisational culture, improves relationships and boosts productivity.

The methods of our mental fitness coaches have been the backbone of thriving industries, moving forward with more connected, understanding partnerships, collaborations and projects.

Adding more and more mentally resilient leaders and individuals to our society today will make for a better future tomorrow. Fueling the way for healthier and more capable workplaces every day.

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7+ years assisting more than 7,000 people to becoming mentally resilient leaders & individuals

As a small, multi-disciplinary collective of mental fitness coaches, we apply an integrated approach to spotlight and unite mind, body and spirit practices; we aim to equip you with your own toolkit to not only enhance your mindset but also help you uncover your hidden strengths and passions.

We have witnessed strong evidence that by resetting your mind and expanding your perception of what is possible, you can tap into new, more expansive opportunities and live a more intentional, purposeful life.

A Unique Set Of Skills

Mind, Body, Leadership and Business

The Elevated Living Co.

Our Focus:

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We Solve Real Problems for real people

How can we support you today?

Corporate Mental Fitness Workshops

Support your team’s mental health with our educational and interactive workshops. Available in-person and online.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

This coaching style enables us to examine your life holistically; taking a mind, body and spirit approach to review the areas of your life which are supported and those which need some extra TLC. 

Men's Health & Mental Health Support

Aimed at improving the health outcomes of men of all ages, this coaching style covers the following areas: stress and anxiety management, nutrition, sleep, physical activity and more.

Career Coaching

You can expect support, structure and accountability, and focus on professional development. Getting you ready for a growing career with empathy-led support.

Health Coaching

Think of us as your personal health cheerleader, guide and success partner. where we will help you implement lifestyle changes to improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being without the overwhelm.

Elite Performance and Sports Coaching

We’ve assisted: professional and semi-professional football players and coaches, runners, running groups, boxers and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu elites.
If you’re ready to join the list, we’re ready for you.

Dynamic Sales, Workplace Management and Leadership Mentoring

This style of coaching provides a platform for continuous learning and development within the workplace. It creates the foundation for setting and achieving higher standards of excellence from management through to all staff.

Transformational Hypnotherapy Coaching

Using the power of hypnotherapy to help reprogram the deepest depths of your unconscious mind and unlock your own life-changing power from within.

Hypnosis, when combined with coaching, is a powerful tool that can help you accomplish your goals and live your life to its fullest potential. 

The team behind ELC

Sandra Stoitis

Holistic Lifestyle Specialist
ICF Life Coach
Business Consultant

Daniel Stoitis

ICF Life Coach
Mens Mental Fitness Trainer
Leadership Development Specialist

Danny Milosevic

Keynote Speaker
Lead Elite Performance Coach

"My team benefited immensely from this training, so much so that we have now committed to 4 presentations a year. I highly recommend The Elevated Living Co. and in particular Daniel and Sandra."

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Unlock The Secrets to Employee Success

3 Proven Strategies TOP business owners use to transform their teams from surviving to thriving

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