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Sandra Stoitis

Sandra is a holistic health practitioner and ICF life coach who supports and encourages individuals, families and communities to achieve improved health and wellness outcomes. 

Mission: To leave a positive impact on people’s lives so that they can realize their true potential.

Sandra, a dynamic high-performance Mindset Coach, Leadership Development Coach, and distinguished Talent Acquisition expert, offers a diverse range of expertise ideally suited for both individual and corporate support.

At the forefront of Cultural Transformation within workplaces, Sandra champions the creation of collaborative and inclusive environments. Her guidance empowers corporate headquarters and offices to cultivate cultures that nurture skilled employees and devoted employers, fostering enduring connections within your business.

Whether you seek to realign your mind, body, or spirit, or aspire to elevate your corporate office successes and create a team that thrives together, Sandra stands ready as your dedicated coach.

Drawing from a corporate background encompassing Sales, Marketing, Management, and Executive Recruitment, Sandra possesses an innate understanding of the elements necessary to foster a successful and incredible team.

Sandra is the proud Owner & Operator of Perth’s esteemed Holistic Health & Wellness Centre, as well as the visionary force behind The Elevated Living Co. group of companies.

Specializing in:

Daniel Stoitis

Daniel is a well-rounded, certified ICF life coach whose skill set comes from his expertise and passion for self-development, growth and mental health.  

In addition to his Management career in Sales and Training, Daniel is one of the Directors here at ELC and he also heads The Elevated Sales Co & The Elevated Sports Co.

Daniel works with individuals, communities, small business and corporate organizations, where his focus on mental fitness guides and supports his coaching areas of expertise.

Outside of the workplace, a huge chunk of Daniel’s life was spent involved in semi and professional level football – both as a player and coach. His ability to guide elite athletes to achieve high-performance success, is testament to his skill, focus and ability to deliver unparalleled bespoke training sessions. 

Specializing in:

mental fitness coach Danny standing in a blue suit in front of a golf course

Danny Milosevic

Danny is the leading coach in our Elevated Sports Co. division. Innovating the way athletes are reaching higher performance levels of mind and body.

Unlock incredible performance with Olympic athlete Danny Milosevic as your mentor

Danny is ELC’s Elite Performance Coach.

As an Elite Athlete himself, from Perth Glory FC all the way to the Olympics. Danny brings his personal journey and challenges into his coaching and empowers aspiring athletes with the right tools and mindset to make unbelievable accomplishments and dreams a reality.

He dared to dream and took on the challenges and now he delivers one of the most incredible signature talks – “Rewiring Your Mindset: A Blueprint for Resilience, Growth and Transformation”. This signature talk can be delivered to audiences of 20 to 2000 and can be delivered in person or via online platforms.

Danny also works 1:1 with aspiring athletes. If you’d like to book in a Keynote, 1:1 session or ongoing coaching with Danny, please fill out our consult form below.

Growing up I dared to dream. To wake up, unhurt and alive and see my brother next to me take on the challenges of the day.

Playing sports with neighbours and older children provided the comfort, challenges, and safety that I needed. The pain of being hit by a soccer ball at full speed was far less traumatic than not being loved as a child by my father.

How could I turn the pain I carried inside into something that had worth, self-worth?

Every situation required me to come up with the answers.

Each mistake chipped away at my confidence and self-esteem.

I was conscious of my body, overweight and not the best athlete amongst my peers.

With no confidence, I went to work on myself. I worked on my biggest fears. I feared looking in the mirror and seeing myself. I feared snakes, yet I walked through swampy long grassed fields to get to flat grounds where I could practice and visualise “my moment”. I could hear the scurrying through the long grass, but I moved quicker and trained my brain to focus on the mental and physical practice rather than the fear of walking home again.

Once I reached the safety of the oval, I shut my eyes, took a deep breath, visualised the place, “my moment”.  I had been here before, this is what I had dared to dream!

Specializing in:

our head hypnotherapy coach Tara smiling at the camera in a headshot

Tara Stone

With over 20 years’ of experience, Tara Stone is a Hypnotherapist with a client base spanning the globe, from her home town of Perth, to the US and Europe.

Tara aims to help you reach the deepest depths of your unconscious mind and unlock your own transformational power from within. 

Tara delivers a welcoming practical approach to therapy, assisting her clients with a tailored and realistic goal system and ultimately giving them the tools to transform their lives. Her approach grows from her teachings from coaches like Tony Robbins, Joe Dispaneza and Rick Collingwood.

Combining her wealth of knowledge from past and continual educational learning as well as her massive experience as a hypnotherapist, Tara is a warm, effective and concise solution-based coach who can support and transform a wide range of mental health conditions.

Tara specialises in Depression and Anxiety, but also treats:

mental fitness coach Renae smiling at the camera wearing a beige suit jacket

Renae Brooks

Renae is a certified life coach who is passionate about training and supporting women to build self-worth and create the vision of life that you desire, are worthy of and is waiting for you.

Your life-by-design begins now.

Women’s Transformation Coach:

As a certified life coach, my driving passion lies in assisting individuals in shaping a life that brings them genuine joy and fulfilment.

With over 15 years of running my own business, I have amassed extensive expertise and insights in areas such as customer service, finance, business operations, management, sales, and real estate.

This rich background, coupled with my dedication as a life coach, enables me to develop customized programs that facilitate transformative journeys for individuals, empowering them to soar to unprecedented heights of personal growth and achievement.

Specializing in:

our mental fitness coach Sallie smiling at the camera in a headshot style

Sallie Williams

Sallie is a confident, empathetic and inspiring mentor who is motivated by empowering women post-divorce, so they can take control of their finances.

Sallie will be your guide, your cheerleader and ultimate post-divorce mentor – all through lived and learned experience.

Sallie is fully booked for 2023 – and is now taking clients for 2024.

Following a decade working with an elite airline, Sallie relocated to Perth in 2003 and this change of scenery was the catalyst for a career change.

Within her first two years in the banking industry, Sallie joined Senior Management and the rest is history.

Sallie’s awards (below) are a reflection of her superior commitment and dedication to achieving client objectives.

Sallie was married for 29 years and is blessed with 2 amazing kids; Laura who works in a government role, and Ryan who become a joint co-owner Franchisee in 2022.

Following her divorce, Sallie was guided to mentor women as they wander the new, unchartered territory of divorce.

Through Sallie’s mentorship program, she has positively impacted the lives of dozens of women; inspiring them to become their best selves and empowering them to gain control of their finances.

Specializing in:

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We are The Elevated Living Co.

We have more than 25 years of experience because we love what we do and we know that mental fitness is the key to a fulfilling, expansive life full of success and happiness.

We tailor our one-on-one, group programs, courses and workshops to your particular needs to help you find exactly what you’re searching for.

Whether that’s more happiness and calm, or productivity and success – we have the experience and capabilities to cater to you to help you reach your goals.

When you partner with us, it also goes back to the community through our Pay It Forward program.

Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate cultures where mental fitness is prioritised and individuals thrive through empowered and resilient minds.

We work with clients with a genuine focus on guiding and supporting them to achieve their highest goals, whatever those might be. And we are driven by making a positive impact, led by authentic passion and purpose.  ​

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